Revolution 360 Australia

Revolution 360 has been developed in 2019 to coach, assist and support the community who are suffering the following:-

· For people who feel unwell, unhealthy, unfit, sleeplessness,  extremely stressed in their business lives as well as their personal lives who find they are hardly eating but putting on weight and cannot keep up with the family.

·  Results are not happening for people who are training their heart’s out, eating all the right food but nothing is progressing, body is not changing with all the hard intensity training and determination to be better a person.

· Individuals with ongoing health issues and finding no results and getting worse overtime this could be the solution for you.

The answer lies in your biological makeup and this is used to measure, noninvasively, your body infrastructure externally and internally. 


Revolution 360 is the


All programs are Personalized, Scientifically proven & using the Optimal food for you and you alone.  Not one program has ever been duplicated for anyone. 

How personalized can you get!!!!

When the journey begins the client will know their biological makeup and improve their lives with the use of a non-invasive tool.  In the sit down 45 minute consultation but in first 30 minutes we will have been able to:-


MEASURE your genes, current health status, genetic food and exercise & mental requirements.

TO KNOW Your optimal food, best movements, motivate your mind in knowing how your brain works, best times to eat and continually supporting you through your journey to better health.


In the first two weeks of the journey results start to show with improvement of the body, mind and energy levels and supporting the client throughout this time via keeping them on track using text message, phone calls, facetime and face to face sessions the convenience of accessing their support base at all times.

 HEAD TRAINER:              WENDY STEENSON – PH360 Health & Fitness Coach

Wendy has been in the Fitness Industry for over 30 years and has run PH360 Health & Fitness Coach for over 20 years with client’s staying with her for over 18-20 years.  Wendy has looked after the Gold Coast Breakers and the Gold Coast Eagles Rugby Union clubs as strength/conditioning coach and Trainer. For over six years Wendy has been training V8 Supercar drivers with strength/conditioning and rehabilitation training.  Over the years of training Wendy has looked after International actors and musicians with rehabilitation training and movement.  Wendy keeps expanding her knowledge and training for her client’s every year.  Now her client’s get even better results knowing their biological makeup and improve their results and improve their lives with this noninvasive tool and the results are happening in the first two weeks of being on the program. In the last few years she has introduced into the studio Movement Training (Level 1 & 2) and NOW Functional Ageing training which is keeping the older generation of Gold  Coasters keeping younger and able to do daily tasks with ease. Wendy is one of the very few fully trained Movement Level 2 coaches and the only Functional Ageing Specialist on the Gold Coast.

Qualifications:    PH360 Coach 

        Functional Ageing Specialist 

        Movement coach Level 1 & 2

        Fitness Specialist (Diploma of Fitness) & Diploma of Recreation



So Specialist Trainer Wendy Steenson can help you with your fitness goals, and we also have Andrea Raini as Personal Trainer who can also help you. We are located in Moana Park Shopping Centre, Broadbeach Waters.




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